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2012 Education Week of Alzheimer’s Disease
Release time:2016/09/25

2012 Education Week of Alzheimer’s Disease
China-BAAD,  Sep 2012

2012 Education Week of Alzheimer’s Disease was organized by China, Beijing association of Alzheimer’s disease (China-BAAD) and Beijing People's Radio Broadcasting Station in Sep, 2012. There were 11 newspaper and websites attended this activity. The aim of this event was to preach the basic knowledge of AD to people. The event was supported by “social and city construction” column and “the friend of old people” column, and the number of audiences was more than 3 millions. The event was also supported by many newspaper agencies, such as “Guangming Daily”, “the Beijing news”, ”Science Daily” and “China woman news”.

Dr. Jun Wang attended this event on Sep 21, and gave a lecture to audience. She mainly talked about the current situation of Alzheimer’s disease in China, and how to prevent /intervention of AD and so on.

Professor Hongzheng Wang attended this series of event on Sep 25, 2012, she mainly talked about the history of AD and took a story of US ex-president Reagan as an example to encourage people to live in an active life. With the improvement of medical conditions, more and more diseases showed decreased death rates, but the mortality of AD increased to 66%. This talk made people have a clear understanding of AD. Professor Wang said that AD is a kind of neurodegenerative disease, but the pathogenesis is not clear and also without effective treatments. Living an active life and always having a good mental attitute would be a positive effect to delay the progress of AD.

Dr. Jin Zhang gave a lecture about mental health keeping work on Sep 26, 2012. Audiences were interested in government policies and asked a lot of questions, Dr. Jin Zhang was very patient to answer all of questions. Dr. Zhang also talked about the advancement of AD treatments in future. 
China’ s population is aging rapidly, and the number of AD patients in China has been more than 8 millions. Patients of AD will be disabled with progression of the disease and become a burden to both their family and social economy. China-BAAD has been established for 4 years and organized a lot of activities to serve both patients and professionals. The education week is held once/a year by China-BAAD, which has already helped 20 thousands people and educated 12 thousands medical workers.

The 2012 education Week obtained a significant influence and China-BAAD would keep to promote the prevention of AD and help AD patients.

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