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Activity for NewsLetter(Dear ADI News Letter Editors)
Release time:2016/09/25

Here are the materials aboutactivities of ADI-China in 2008. During last year (2008), many activities havebeen organized by ADI-China and some important events occurred. The followingmaterials introduced part of these activities:

1.Introduction of ADI-China (see the file of Introduction forADI-China, photo: Working meeting)

2.Alzheimer’s Disease International-China Committee (ADI-China) hadsuccessfully organized the activities of “9.21”World Alzheimer’s Day and “9.17”Chinese Alzheimer’s Day” during September 15-25, 2008. (photos see the file: ‘AD Activity’)


1.Introduction of ADI-China (see the file of Introduction forADI-China, photo: Working meeting)
ChinaCommittee for Alzheimer’s Disease International(ADI-China) is a national organization, which has been approved and recognizedby International Department, Association of Chinese Science and Technology.
ADI-Chinawas initiated in 2003 and is a voluntary national health organization. Themembers of ADI-China are composed of most distinguished scientists andprofessional experts, clinicians in the Alzheimer’s field, social workers,patients and their families and caregivers.
The mission ofADI-China is to promote national and international academic exchange andcooperation, to popularize people for awareness of common knowledge aboutprevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. ADI-China also tries toprovide medical consultant service, comprehensive information and support to hospitals,enterprises, pharmaceutical groups, patients, their families andcaregivers.  
Thisorganization works hard for offering professional service for organizingvarious academic activities and educational training, encouraging to disseminate public information and awareness of diseaseprevention to people.
Thebranches of ADI-China distributed in the most of cities around whole countryconduct propaganda and education activities and exhibitions in a large scale,and released a lots of AD related reading materials to public.
ADI-China will do its best tounite scientists, traditional, western medical doctors, social workers andcaring people, to provide scientific and technique support for AD protection,diagnosis, treatment, to built a consultant platformfor all friends, to encourage international exchange and cooperation. ADI-Chinawill contribute itself to the course of science and people’s health.
For moreinformation please visit our website at www.caad.org.cn

2.Alzheimer’s Disease International-China Committee (ADI-China) hadsuccessfully organized the activities of “9.21”World Alzheimer’s Day and “9.17”Chinese Alzheimer’s Day” during September 15-25, 2008. (photos see file: AD Activity)

Introduction of Photos:

1:Aging people eagerly attended the seminar of  “9.21” World Alzheimer’s Day in Beijing.

2:Audience asked questions in the seminar.

3:ADI-China expert provided consultant service for people.

4:ADI-China expert has good relationship with people.

5:Audience enthusiastically signed in and received reading materialsbefore the seminar.

6:Audience werevery happy to obtain reading materials before the seminar.

Beijing 7:Aging people organized themselves into a dance team and gave the dancingperformance before the seminar.

8:Aging people organized themselves into a dance team and gave thedancing performance before the seminar.

9:Doctors and nurses were in the professional seminar with interestingexpression.

10:Doctors and nurses provided consultant service for people.

11:ADI-China expert provided consultant service for people.

IMG2416: ADI-China expert was giving the lecture.

province: Doctors and nurses provided consultant service for people in province.

province: Doctors and nurses provided consultant service for people in province.

Activity introduction:

Underdirecting of president Gu, Fangzhou,Vice-Presidents Xu, Xianhao,Sheng, Shuli, Wang, Jun,supported by our government leaders, coordinated by various provinces’ andcities’ hospitals, Alzheimer’s DiseaseInternational-China Committee (ADI-China) had successfully organized theactivities of “9.21”World Alzheimer’s Day and “9.17”Chinese Alzheimer’s Day” during September 15-25, 2008.
Themission of this activity is to raise the attention of entire society to ADpatients and the families; to initiate healthy life style, to educate peoplewith possible intervention approaches to AD patients, care givers and publics,to reduce AD incidence, to improve AD patients and care giver quality of life,to answer questions about AD to AD patients and care gives as well as publicsabout AD diagnosis, treatment, recovery, nursing, and to serve well toour  society, the AD patients and their relatives.
We had setup the theme of this activity, which is to “pay attention to AD, take care ofold people, well serve society and people, achievegood health for people in whole China”.
Total 9cities in Chinahad organized the activities. Total 15,000 people joined the activities. Newsmedia had reported the activities. During activities, we have given away 20,000AD book materials and exhibited more than 300 posters.
During theactivities of “9.21”World Alzheimer’s Day and “9.17”Chinese Alzheimer’s Day” in September 15-25, 2008, more than 100 hospitalsparticipated. We had organized different activities, including that

(1) Scientists and doctorspresented public health lectures, the academic lectures and AD serioussymposiums to the doctors and scientists;

(2) AD related training classfor community and publics;

(3) Giving free AD medical treatment andadvisory service to community and public;

(4) Exhibition of Posters andissue reading materials about AD.

The nine cities ofparticipants in this year’s active included Beijing,Tianjin, Xi'an, , Shandong, , Hebei,Hunan and Jinan city.
The medical hospitals paticipating this activities included: Sichuan NorthernSichuan province medical school affiliated hospital, Xi'an JiaotongUniversity affiliated hospital, Shandong  RenMingHospital, the first affiliated hospital of Henan Zhengzhou University, Hebei Shijiazhuang Bethune International peace Hospital,Tianjin HuanHu Hospital, Jinan Town Center Hospital,Hunan luck Hunan biological technology Limited company, Beijing Hospital, ThirdHospital of the Beijing Medical School, Temple of Heaven Hospital, Navy GeneralHospital, Beijing Universal BoAi Hospital, Beijing BoAi Rehabilitation Hospital, Beijing HuilongguanHospital, Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing Jiaotong University Biological Technology ResearchInstitute, Qinghua Senile Activity Center and so on.
People participated inthis activity from different field, including medical doctors, nurses,scientists, the technical personnel, the teachers, the community residents, theretired perple and enterprise group'srepresentatives.
In order toeducate communities and public to learn possible prevention, diagnosis andtreatment of AD in whole country, we had totally presented 15 lectures, hadtrained 5 sections of medical professionals, and had given free consultants formedical treatment  from 15 hospitals. We hadprovided the popular science knowledge textbooks, organized popular scientificpainting studios and exhibited more than 300 AD related posters. We hadprovided approximately 30,000 AD materials to publics. The national wideparticipants were about 15,000 people, including medical doctors, scientists,nurses, technical personnel, the social workers and people from community andpublics. The national and local TV, radios and newspapers had reported thisactivity, which had been great appreciated by media.
The activity of2008 AD Day in Chinareally did get great outcome. It has elevated the attention of entire societyto the AD patient and their families. According to requests from AD patientsand families as well as aging population, we tried our best to educate them,provide treatment for them and help them. We had achieved our goals to educateand service to our people.

Dr. HongZheng Wang (M.D., M.S.)

China Committee for Alzheimer’s Disease International 
(ADI―China)ADI― office:
518 Unit, West Building
#16 ZhongGuan Cun Nan Da Jie Haidian Didtrict,
Beijing,100081  China
Tel/Fax: 86-10-62103134
Web: www.caad.org.cn

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